Solutions based on knowledge
and experience in various sectors

We lend our customers knowledge and experience. We have worked for such diverse sectors as the industrial chemical and metallurgical industry, construction, healthcare, food and the trade and services sector. We also have experience with public administrations and self-employed professionals. We provide solutions based on knowledge and accumulated experience.

Specific experience in various sectors
and business areas

Chemistry and metallurgy

Production, preventive and
corrective industrial maintenance and upgrading


Department management and cost,


Management and business

Trade and services

Management, Data Protection Act, on-line positioning and marketing


Logistics services management (freight and documents). Service margins


Management, cost control,
production and logistics

Self-employed professionals

Customer-supplier commercial process control (quotes, orders, delivery notes and invoices). Accounting support tool


Economic and organisational business management, Touch screen Point of Sale (POS) terminal. Reservation management


Ticket management and services and customer service. Integration with fleet cargo systems

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