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a decade of innovation

We are a young company with over twelve years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Our objective is clear: to afford companies knowledge and experience in the field of technology consulting and advice. Because, in today's world, technology plays a crucial role in meeting goals. Which is why we lend our customers knowledge and experience to design the technology solutions that best suit their requirements. We offer customised solutions. Solutions based on actual information needs and processes. We listen, analyse the organisation's needs, select the most appropriate methodology and design a solution.

We are OnClick. And we will assist you
in the complex world of Information
Àngel Aibar

Àngel Aibar
CEO & Founder

Our mission

We have but one mission: to provide solutions in the field of Information Technology (IT). We bring added value and innovation and have extensive and proven experience in technology project management and development. We provide our customers with solutions that are designed to meet multiple needs. Our expertise lies in applications, Internet technology, electronic commerce and cloud computing solutions.

We offer OnDemand and standard solutions for various sectors and business areas, which are available for purchase and/or hire. Our software covers Commercial Management (CRM and Sales and Purchase Process), Production (MRP and Traceability), Asset Management (AMS), Logistics and Warehouse Management (WMS). We have also created Stratya, a standardised management system that helps companies become more productive and profitable.

OnClick solutions. Delivering results
to various sectors and business areas.

Social commitment

We work responsibly and with commitment. And, under this slogan, over the past few years we have worked on several editions of the humanitarian project 'Il•lusions a taula', an initiative created and organised by the Vic-Osona International Rotary Club aimed at raising funds for childhood cancer research (Sant Joan de Déu Foundation) and for the Tris-Tras Early Development and Intervention Centre in Sant Tomàs (Osona). OnClick's commitment.We pay attention to current needs.

We work responsibly
and are committed to sharing our enthusiasm.


Our main asset. We are a highly-qualified, multidisciplinary team capable of handling the projects and challenges our customers pose. OnClick's objective. We are ready to deliver results.

We are a highly-qualified, multidisciplinary team prepared to provide

Our values

Our values define our character and the way we work. Our keywords are: passion, innovation, commitment, customer orientation, honesty, respect and reliability. OnClick's work. We provide real and up-to-date solutions.


We dedicate time and effort to the ongoing improvement of our products and services.


Willingness to improve in everything we do, remaining attentive to new technologies, as well as customer requirements and suggestions.

03.Customer orientation

We strive to understand our customers' needs. We have a service-minded approach based on our particular business vision.


We dedicate time and effort to the ongoing improvement of our products and services.


We are committed to ourselves and to our agreements with customers.


We uphold our integrity both in and outside the company.


We remain true to our principles and values.