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Technology plays a key role in achieving objectives. In order to facilitate the day to day small and medium well as freelancers, has created OnClick Stratya®. A comprehensive management program modular, flexible and adaptable help streamline and standardize the process of managing your company so that it is more productive and profitable thanks to greater efficiency of its staff and the elimination of redundant processes.

Stratya® permet suprimir repeticions,optimizar el temps i compartir la informació.

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Located in the cloud, Stratya® offers the possibility to have business management processes at all times and from anywhere with an Internet connection, completely safe and without big investments. Stratya® offers solutions to different needs. No business or geographical boundaries.

Stratya® does not require large investments or long implementation processes.


For all sectors and everyone

The chemical industry and metallurgy, construction, health, trade and services, logistics, food, hospitality, aviation and freelancers are some of the sectors which has Stratya® base already installed. Stratya® provides efficient solutions to the particular company and its business area.

Stratya® is aimed at SMEs and professionals with growing needs of management.


Stratya®, a software with award

Stratya® was created in 2006 and that same year was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Award for his entrepreneurial spirit. At that time the concept of cloud and rental program was not very common.